The Business Value of Flu Prevention

girl with mask on

The flu is nobody’s friend, as anyone who has fallen prey to this annual menace will tell you. Fever, aches, nausea and general debilitation are bad enough to deal with – but there is an economic and business cost as well as general misery. That cost is considerable. According to the Centers for Disease Control, […]

Dodging the Hazards of Out-Of-State Expansion

  For many successful local businesses, it’s an idea that seems enormously appealing: Build your company by establishing a beachhead in neighboring states. It makes perfect sense on the face of it: If a product or service is a market success in Michigan, for example, it stands to reason that it will fare well in […]

New Overtime Rules Spell Big Challenges For Business

Statistics show that the median salary increase in the US is a rather moderate 3.1% thus far in 2016, but that doesn’t mean that the cost of labor isn’t about to go up for many businesses—way up. New regulations issued by the U.S. Department of Labor stand to make potentially millions of previously-exempt workers eligible […]