Do You Have a Handle on Health Care Reform?

The annual open enrollment period for Affordable Care Act health coverage has begun. This year marks the third annual ACA open enrollment to date, and Americans seeking coverage through either federal or state exchanges seem to have become reconciled – if not comfortable – with the process. The popular and media perception seems to be […]

Major Insurers Leaving Small Groups Stranded

These are difficult times for benefits administrators—especially those working for smaller companies. Costs seem to endlessly rise; the regulatory environment continually changes; and a combination of market forces make it harder and harder to manage what seems to be an increasingly nightmarish health insurance marketplace. Unfortunately, HR professionals aren’t the only ones finding the environment […]

Getting Back To Business: HR Outsourcing’s Big Advantage

Running a business isn’t easy. As almost any CEO can tell you, doing their job right means doing several jobs right – and doing them all at once. All too often, many of these jobs consist of burdensome HR activities that don’t generate revenue, drive sales, or build competitive advantage, but which are nonetheless essential […]