Human Resources Outsourcing

All too often, the hardest parts of running a successful business are the activities that provide the least reward. Non-revenue HR tasks are repetitive, effort-intensive, and a distraction from your business’s true objectives: Driving innovation, making and selling your products, growing revenues, and building institutional strength.

Trion Solutions knows how complex and costly handling human resource functions can be – particularly for companies that can’t afford to implement enterprise-grade solutions on their own. We’ve developed efficient, scalable systems that enable us to deliver comprehensive Fortune 500-quality employee administration services to small and medium-sized businesses, delivering the full measure of efficiencies and economies of scale that enterprise-grade systems make possible.

We’re not talking just about handling payroll, benefits, 401(k), or implementing a patchwork of piecemeal solutions. Trion Solutions delivers complete HR management, tailored precisely to fit your company’s strategy, practices, and culture. Our system is seamlessly and transparently implemented without disruption of your day-to-day operations, delivering tangible, measurable benefits from day one – both to your company and your employees.

The net result: Your company will experience heightened efficiency, stability and streamlined operations. Key personnel will be free to focus on revenue generation, business and product development, or other activities that build the strength of your business. Your employees stand to gain an expanded range of benefit options, and can expect interactions with payroll, benefits administration, and other HR functions to be smooth, efficient, and hassle-free. This helps your company attract and retain the best possible employees, an important competitive advantage.

Best of all: You’ll gain peace of mind. With Trion Solutions, you’ll sleep easy knowing that HR is handled, and handled right.

Complete HR Administration

  • Mandatory new hire processing
  • Employee handbook development
  • Job description development
  • HR paperwork management
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Act (EEO)
  • Worksite disaster plans
  • Work VISA application and processing
  • Recruitment and Training
  • Termination procedures

…as well as payroll functions, benefits administration, workers’ compensation administration, and more.

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