Payroll FAQ

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We’re here to take the risks, headaches, and costs out of payroll administration, letting your company apply its resources to value-generating activities. Our payroll clients enjoy a wide range of powerful benefits:

  • Flexibility

    Custom-configured payroll solutions are directly matched to your company’s needs. Hourly, salaried, commission-based, casual labor and nontraditional compensation structures can all be accommodated.

  • Transparency

    Sophisticated reporting systems and a powerful digital database structure enable easy access to vital payroll and tax information.

  • Reliability

    Trion Solutions’ unquestioned expertise enables us to provide outstanding service. All details are attended to; all requirements are met.

  • Savings

    Trion’s efficiency and customized technological solutions enable us to handle complex payroll tasks more quickly, accurately, and at a lower cost than traditional solutions.

Can Trion handle nontraditional payment arrangements?

Yes. Our client companies often have unique payroll needs, and we’ve developed a powerful tool set to meet them. Payments to employees can even be provided via prepaid debit cards – a significant advantage when employees have limited access to banking services, or if your company uses casual or day labor.

Can Trion handle tax garnishments, child support, and other special circumstances affecting individual employees’ pay?

Yes. We are accustomed to accommodating a full range of special circumstances, and are both familiar and compliant with all applicable laws in this regard.

Who ultimately controls payroll?

You do. We work for you, and we perform our payroll services on your behalf. You remain in absolute control over who is paid, when, and how; we’re here to make sure it’s done efficiently, swiftly, and in accord with both your requirements and applicable regulations.

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