Workers’ Comp FAQ

Workers’ Compensation is a critical business issue. If you haven’t thought much about it, chances are it’s costing you too much – and if an incident happens, it stands to cost you a lot more.

Trion isn’t just your workers’ comp administrator – we’re your advocate. We work on your behalf in dealing with premiums, claims, regulators and injured workers to ensure the best possible outcomes for your business, your employees, and your bottom line.

What risks does workers’ comp pose to my business?

Added costs – and a lot more than you might think. If an incident happens, your workers’ comp rates can rise dramatically – often by 200-300%. Depending on the size of your payroll, this can pose an existential threat to your company. Costs also rise the longer an employee is out on leave and receiving benefits.

How does Trion reduce my risk?

Trion takes multiple steps to minimize risks and consequences associated with workers’ comp claims to our client companies. We begin by assessing workplace hazards that might result in claims. In the event of a claim, we conduct a thorough investigation to establish authenticity. Claimants are monitored to ensure appropriate treatment, track the recovery process, and ensure return to work within the shortest possible time frame.

Trion also submits all required reports, avoiding potential penalties.

Does Trion protect me from audits?

Yes. Since we are the employer of record, Trion is subject to any potential audit scrutiny – your company is fully shielded, potentially saving time, expense, and paperwork hassles.

How does Trion Workers’ Comp Outsourcing save my company money?

As your Workers’ Comp administrator, Trion eliminates the standard 25% Workers’ Comp deposit requirement. This keeps more cash on your balance sheet – and stands to substantially improve your company’s cash flow.

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