Your Vision. Made perfectly clear.

You launched your business on a Big Idea. Equipped it with dedication and courage. More business led you to hire more employees. And that’s when things started to get complicated. Let us help you get back to the one thing that really matters — growing your business.

Trion – A PEO for small- to mid-size businesses

Most small companies as they get larger learn that HR administration – like payroll and taxes, benefits administration, workers’ compensation and regulatory compliance – can take away focus from the core business and get in the way of growth. Why build an internal HR department when Trion Solutions can do HR Outsourcing for you? Contact us today to learn our value proposition for small- to mid-size businesses.

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Trion for larger corporations

Many large companies with existing HR departments soon learn that time-consuming HR-related duties are staff-intensive and difficult to continue to implement internally. Rather than growing your HR department, consider adding Trion to your team – reporting to your HR officer and being an extension of your current staff. Ask us how Trion works with companies of your size.

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