Your Vision. Made perfectly clear.

You launched your business on a Big Idea. Equipped it with dedication and courage. More business led you to hire more employees. And that’s when things started to get complicated. Let us help you get back to the one thing that really matters — growing your business.

Trion – A PEO for small- to mid-size businesses

Your business is growing – but do you have the team you need?

As you grow, Payroll & HR becomes ever more complex. It’s crucial to have the right people in the right positions to drive your success. But building an internal HR function can be expensive, time-consuming and risk laden. Wouldn’t you rather have a cost-effective solution for Payroll and Human Resources that simply works?

Leave it to Trion, a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) for small to mid-sized businesses.

Our PEO services include:

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With our PEO services, it’s never been easier to access and leverage HR best practices while you stay fully focused on your core strengths. With our expertise, best-in-class HR workflows integrate seamlessly into your operations. You can get the HR insights you need without shifting time and money away from what you do best.

Your business can streamline its HR tasks utilizing Trion’s HR service and technology infrastructure. Employee requests will be handled effectively, efficiently and swiftly through Trion’s dedicated customer-service team. Your employees will have a one-stop point of contact to address any HR requests, providing relief for both you and your employees.

Trion Solutions offers an unbeatable value proposition that makes it the PEO company of choice for small and mid-sized businesses. To learn more about HR solutions that really work, contact us today.

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PEO services aren’t just for start-ups. Large companies can discover their existing Payroll and HR infrastructure has become a major cost center. Non-revenue HR functions can drain a company’s internal resources. Trion handles the time-consuming and difficult HR tasks so larger organizations can remain focused on retention, training and other strategic HR areas. Before investing in another workforce management system, consider that it’s not your platform that’s the problem. Trion is the PEO company that gives you access to an all-new, nimble strategy.

HR solutions look very different for larger enterprises. We act as an extension of your current staff and report directly to your Chief Human Resources Officer. We bring you years of HR experience, credentials, and vetted accomplishments in the field, implementing the full spectrum of HR duties.

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We can also work with you to craft your HR approach – from strategy to policies and procedures. Trion offers fully customized HR solutions to fit your organization’s unique and changing needs.

An effective HR team helps you become an employer of choice that attracts the top talent in your industry. Trion will help ensure your HR functions positively reflect your culture and brand.

Trion also helps larger organizations tackle the ever-changing environment of employer regulatory compliance — helping your organization anticipate and remain current with the growing list of regulatory and legislative regulations.

From small start-ups to large multinational enterprises, Trion Solutions delivers the excellence you deserve.

To find out more or get started with PEO services, contact the HR leaders at Trion today.

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