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Workers’ Compensation is something companies usually don’t think too much about – until it’s too late. Often, companies simply pay their required Workers’ Comp insurance premiums without a second thought. But when a catastrophic injury strikes, workers’ compensation issues suddenly become critical. A single serious injury can result in premiums skyrocketing by 200-300% – or a company may find it cannot get coverage at all. That’s where Trion Solutions can help. We are able to amortize risk across a broad labor pool, stabilizing costs even for high-risk occupations and industries. Trion’s Workers’ Compensations programs create a layer of insulation for our clients beyond normal insurance coverage.

Stabilize Costs

Trion protects your company in each aspect of Workers’ Compensation. Aggressive claims management and a national network of Workers’ Compensation carriers ensure the best possible rates for all areas and risk. Stabilize your cash flow with pay as you go billing, with no unexpected additional premium or large up front deposits. Trion also relieves your business from the time consuming annual audit process and provides immediate relief for clients with high experience modification ratings.

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  • National coverage for all areas and risks
  • High Experience Modification Rate Relief
  • Pay as you go
  • No large up front premium deposits
  • No annual audits or additional audited premium
  • Claims management from first report of injury through return to work
  • We work to resolve claims quickly, with an aggressive return to work policy
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Trion isn’t just your Workers’ Compensation administrator – we’re your advocate. We work on your behalf in dealing with Workers’ Compensation claims and injured workers to ensure the best possible outcomes for your business, your employees, and your bottom line. We handle claims from the first report on injury through return to work. When a Workers Compensation claim hits, we investigate thoroughly to prevent and deter fraud. We work to resolve claims quickly, with an aggressive return to work policy.

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Providing guidance and assistance for Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation rates are rising so significantly that a single injury to one of your employees can send premiums skyrocketing by as much as 300 percent. With new options, products, and rules, you need a partner to help manage these risks. Enter the professionals at Trion Solutions.

Our team makes it easy for you to maintain the highest quality of Workers’ Compensation policy options from a broad array of carriers. In fact, we actively manage it as an extension of your HR team. Trion Solutions offers pay as you go billing and won’t require annual audits. Best of all, our team aims to resolve all claims quickly and efficiently.

Even if your organization has experienced recent on-the-job injuries, we can help provide immediate relief and an extra layer of protection that goes well behind your core policy. Learn more by contacting the Workers’ Compensation experts at Trion Solutions today.