Manufacturing Human Resources Administration

Automate Your HR

Quality, speed and safety are desirable virtues within any manufacturing facility. While driving our nation’s economy, innovation and national security manufacturers strive for efficiency while maintaining quality. Trion Solutions can apply that same mind set to your non-revenue human resource functions. Trion assumes the time consuming HR tasks that drain your resources, freeing you to focus on your core business. From a small job shop to a large production facility, Trion is equipped to handle your HR needs effectively and efficiently. Trion’s buying power creates cost savings for products such as Workers’ Compensation and Benefit offerings, keeping your costs down and employees happy.

Protect Your Business

With Trion you can amortize your Workers’ Compensation risk across our broad labor pool, stabilizing costs even for high-risk occupations and industries. Trion protects your company in each aspect of Workers’ Compensation. Aggressive claims management and a national network of Workers’ Compensation carriers ensure the best possible rates for all areas and risk. Stabilize your cash flow with pay as you go billing, with no unexpected additional premium or large up front deposits. Trion also relieves your business from the time consuming annual audit process.

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The Trion Manufacturing Advantage

  • Streamline non-revenue HR tasks
  • Protect your business and stabilize costs
  • Focus on your core business
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Pay as you go Workers’ Comp.
  • No large up front Workers’ Comp. premium deposits
  • Union reporting
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When a Workers’ Compensation Claim Hits, You Have Trion.

Injuries happen, and your business needs to be prepared when they happen. Mishandled or neglected Workers’ Compensation claims can create huge costs and liability for your business. An increased experience modification rate, can cost your business big money for years to come. Not only does Trion provide immediate relief from a high experience modification rate, we’re your partner in responding to and resolving Workers’ Compensation claims. Our experienced team works to get your employees the treatment they need, avoiding long drawn out open claims. Trion works to resolve claims quickly, with and aggressive return to work policy. And with your risk amortized across Trion’s large labor pool, the effect of your claims is minimized.

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