What does Trion Solutions do?

Trion relieves the stress and burden of HR administration for small- to mid-size companies, helping them remain focused on their core business.  For larger companies, Trion acts as an extension of the existing HR department by handling time-consuming HR duties – such as payroll processing, benefits administration, workers’ compensation and regulatory compliance – so internal HR staff can remain focused on strategic HR issues such as recruiting and hiring, training and setting and enforcing employee policies and procedures.

Why would a business want to work with Trion?

Our size provides client employees access to better benefits and HR services available usually to only large corporations – all while taking employer risk and regulatory strain off our clients’ backs.  And, clients appreciate that we do so through specialists in payroll and taxes, benefits administration, workers’ compensation and regulatory compliance.  In short, we help our clients attract and retain top talent, mitigate risk and stabilize costs.

What types of clients does Trion work with?

Trion works with companies from 10 employees up to hundreds or even thousands of employees, in nearly every industry and in just about every state in the country.

How big is Trion and what is your reach nationally?

We are fortunate to work with hundreds of companies throughout the country.  We process payroll and manage other aspects of human resources – day in and day out – for tens of thousands of client worksite employees in almost every state.

Why did I receive a check from Trion Solutions, when Trion isn’t my employer?

As you may know, Trion works with your company to provide HR administration, which includes payroll and tax filings and other HR-administrative services such as processing payroll checks.  All so your company can remain focused on its core business.

I’m looking to submit an application for a posted position. How do I do that?

You can email your resume to resumes@trionworks.com and we will be pleased to receive and review it.

When will I receive my W-2?

All W-2’s are post marked and mailed by January 31st of each year. You can expect to receive them via U.S. Mail in early February.

Why did I receive a W-2 Trion Solutions, rather than my employer?

As you may know, Trion works with your company to provide HR administration, which includes payroll processing and other HR-administrative services.  Trion Solutions acts as the administrative employer for our clients. If you earned wages from one of our client companies, you will receive a W-2 form from Trion Solutions.

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