Gone are the days when businesses could count on returning college students to meet the seasonal employee demand; seasonal recruitment in the restaurant, hospitality, retail and manufacturing sectors is an increasingly competitive affair, with qualified and dependable employees hard to find. When you factor in the time and expense involved with onboarding, training, insuring and vetting these new recruits, it can seem amazing that any business is done at all. The fixed costs and oversight required for a fully staffed HR department, just doesn’t make sense for a lot of seasonal employers. Trion Solutions provides a unique solution, allowing any seasonal business to have a fully staffed HR department when and where they need it.

As a Trion client, you’ll receive access to Trion’s experienced HR team and comprehensive suite of HR services. And Trion’s billing model allows you to pay as you go, avoiding high fixed costs during off-peak times. Trion clients also find relief, from the burden, risk and cost associated with Workers’ Compensation and Regulatory Compliance requirements. Rely on Trion to provide the HR support and relief you need for your seasonal business.


Working with Trion provides businesses with the same flexibility that employing temporary seasonal help does: The ability to have the right resources available when you need them – and to not have to pay for them when you don’t. It’s a flexible, scalable arrangement that enables businesses to be “right sized” at all times, not incurring high fixed costs during off-peak periods.

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The Trion Seasonal Advantage

  • Accelerate seasonal hiring and onboarding
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Expand employee benefit offerings
  • HR services when and where you need them
  • Pay as you go, avoid high fixed costs
  • Relief from administrative HR tasks (Onboarding, Payroll & Taxes, W-2’s,)
  • Manage and mitigate risk (Regulatory Compliance, Workers’ Comp.)
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Trion has found that many of our clients have been able to both accelerate seasonal hiring and streamline management of the abundance of onboarding/off boarding related tasks that seasonal businesses experience. Our ability to provide benefits and perks to workers provides employers with a powerful recruiting advantage, helping them to win top talent away from competitors. Meanwhile, our ability to streamline the hiring, onboarding, and off boarding processes from an HR standpoint means that companies need to invest less (or nothing at all) on in-house HR activities, both in terms of capital and effort. While we handle vetting, compliance and related non-revenue generating paperwork, owners and managers are able to focus their efforts on issues that matter, like sales, marketing, manufacture and delivery.

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