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As a temporary employer, you’re burdened by a very unique and dynamic set of HR demands.  Ever changing and always interesting, your day-to-day HR tasks can often become overwhelming.  Trion Solutions can help.   We specialize in assisting staffing and temporary employers in all aspects of HR administration and HR outsourcing.   Trion assumes the responsibility for your daily HR tasks, such as Onboarding, Payroll & Taxes, Screening, HR Administration, Workers’ Compensation, Benefits, record keeping and Regulatory Compliance — freeing you to focus on recruiting and placing employees.

Workers’ Compensation for staffing agencies, isn’t always easy.   A national network of Workers’ Compensation carriers ensures the best possible rates for all areas and risk for staffing and temporary employers.  With Trion, your staffing operation can grow beyond your current Workers’ Compensation coverage limitations.  We partner with our clients to work as your Workers’ Compensation claim advocate, handling claims from 1st report of injury through return to work.  We investigate claims thoroughly to prevent and deter fraud.  Trion’s billing model is designed to Pay as You Go, creating flexibility and scalability to accommodate fluctuating volume common with temporary employers.

Payroll Relief

Trion’s experienced Staffing Payroll team is equipped to handle all aspects of your payroll needs. From on-boarding to paycards Trion is here to help. Through our service and technology infrastructure we are equipped to handle high volumes of requests, answering your employees questions and concerns.

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THE TRION Temporary Employer Advantage

  • Direct deposit and paycards available
  • National Workers’ Compensation coverage
  • Coverage for all areas and risks
  • Pay as you go Workers’ Compensation
  • 24/7 Web Payroll Portal
  • Online Payroll Submission
  • Standard and custom Payroll reports (Pay journal, check register, liability, job costing, workers’ compensation, time sheet, department and many others)
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Why Trion?

Your clients depend on a high volume of temporary labor, most of which must be recruited, on-boarded, trained and deployed regularly, only to be offloaded a few months later. For managers, recruiters, and in-house HR personnel, it is usually a tiresome, time-consuming and costly ritual that becomes a little bit more difficult each time: Changes in local, state, and federal regulations and tax law, in particular, must be reviewed and accommodated. In many cases, the costs of recruitment continually rise, even as the available pool of credible, qualified recruits diminishes. That puts dents in productivity, profitability, and efficiency.

For Trion, the challenge of temporary employees is an opportunity to shine. It makes perfect sense: The HR tasks that most temporary employers struggle with are a matter of daily routine to Trion, and there is little difficulty in administering them for temporary personnel.

We have made temporary employers a key segment within the industries we serve, and have developed specialized processes suited to their unique needs, and we work collaboratively with clients to develop customized programs aligned with their specific business’s objectives. It’s a formula that has added up to success for many of the companies we work with. We’d be happy to explore your specific temporary employment needs.

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