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Payroll is a hassle—especially for small- to mid-size businesses. It’s risk-laden, time-intensive and problem-prone. Even one small blip in payroll can make your employees uneasy and have them heading for the exits.

Trion Solutions can shoulder the burden of all your payroll and payroll tax responsibilities to ensure a smooth and reliable payroll process for both you and your employees. By combining the power of industry-leading technology with expert human oversight and ingenuity, we make sure your payroll and filings are accurate and on-time. That way, you can worry less about payroll and focus on achieving your core business goals.

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  • Direct deposit and paycards
  • Check processing, stuffing and signing
  • 24/7 Web Portal
  • Online Payroll Submission
  • Time and attendance interface
  • Union reporting
  • Payroll tax filing
  • Standard and custom reports (Pay journal, check register, liability, job costing, workers’ compensation, time sheet, department and many others)

Unlock The Trion Advantage With Managed Payroll Solutions

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit has become an essential part of payroll payments and a core offering of our managed payroll services. According to the American Payroll Association’s Getting Paid In America Survey from 2022, 94% of U.S. workers receive their paycheck via direct deposit. With direct deposit from Trion Solutions, you’ll know that your employees’ paychecks are sent straight into their bank accounts each pay period.


For unbanked or underbanked employees, direct deposit is not an option. They also face unique challenges that add stress and affect their performance at work. As a business owner, you can help relieve some of these stressors with paycards. Paycards give your employees immediate access to their funds, offer some fraud protection and allow them to avoid expensive check-cashing fees. Trion Solutions empowers you to directly deposit wages on your employees’ paycards without incurring high maintenance fees.

Check Processing, Stuffing & Signing

We make paying employees easy and straightforward—the way it should be. Our team provides check processing services and handles paper checks with check signing and insertion at no additional cost. Trion ensures that your employees receive their paychecks on-time, every time.

24/7 Web Portal

Process payroll from anywhere with our full-service online solution that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your small business. Using our web-based platform, you and your employees will be able to easily access payroll information online 24/7, including check stubs and W-2s. You’ll also get access to our client services support team to help you resolve any issues that may arise.

Online Payroll Submission

Maximize your time and resources with online payroll submission. The Trion payroll platform is an all-in-one solution designed to integrate with your existing systems to make paying your employees easy.

With Trion, you get more than just software. You’ll build a relationship with a dedicated payroll expert who understands your payroll and guides you through the entire process. We don’t leave you to figure it out on your own like the larger payroll providers and software vendors. Combining our contemporary platform and direct access to our experts, you’ll get payroll and tax filing done faster and more effortlessly than ever before.

Time And Attendance Interface

Optimize your timekeeping and labor-management workflow to ensure you pay each employee for all time worked with less effort. Our leading-edge interface seamlessly tracks millions of employee work hours, schedules and PTO balances making it easy for both employees and managers to view accrual balances and time-off requests directly in the schedule.

Enable your employees to clock in and out from a web portal, mobile app, or physical time clock. We also have almost every hardware option available to meet the unique needs of your business. This includes technology that can integrate with your existing equipment or be compatible with facial recognition and temperature scanning.

Trion’s next-generation timekeeping solution offers advanced functionality and comprehensive features so you can:

Union Reporting

At Trion Solutions, we understand the unique complexities that come with labor unions.
Each union, and local, is different, making union-specific payroll and taxes a complicated and sensitive situation to navigate. That’s why we have dedicated experts who are specifically trained to handle union reporting, alleviating the headache for you and your small business.

Payroll Tax Filing

As your administrative employer, we handle the entire payroll tax filing process for your business—making sure you stay compliant, shouldering liability, and managing payroll tax-related audits. Trion will help you save time, minimize stress, and reduce your overhead by operationalizing our deep knowledge of the notoriously complex U.S. tax system.

Get payroll tax compliance support with help from knowledgeable professionals who can assist you in payroll tax management for:

Standard & Custom Reports

Whether you are looking for an overview of data or need to highlight specific areas, our robust reporting capabilities are flexible and customizable to meet your specific needs. Since we don’t force you into a lackluster report like a larger payroll company, you’ll be able to unlock a secure, smart and accurate way to manage your books.
Plus, our general ledger service is designed to sync with most major accounting software programs, so you can import payroll data directly into your ledger and reduce time wasted on data entry.

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Do You Need Help Beyond Payroll And Tax Services?

Trion Solutions offers more than just payroll and tax services. We’re a full-service PEO (Professional Employer Organization) delivering comprehensive HR solutions for your business. We can help your company relieve the burden of human resources, so you can focus on living your mission, vision, and values.

Our team of highly-trained specialists are experts in:

Trion Solutions is more than just a payroll company: We are a full-scale strategic partner and asset you can trust. To find out more, contact us today.