You want to treat your employees right – but it is very expensive and a lot of work to offer a full range of health care and other benefit programs. For smaller employers, the cost and complexity associated with these benefit programs can be absolutely prohibitive, harming their ability to attract and retain quality personnel. Trion Solutions leverages economies of scale to deliver Health, Dental, Vision and Life coverage at lower costs than many companies pay for sub-par plans. With Trion, you can offer your employees the best benefit options available — all while keeping your business compliant within the ever changing regulatory landscape including the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Providing better benefits is good for your employees – but it’s great for your company, too. High-quality benefits help you to attract and retain the top talent you need to drive your company’s success. Trion has the relationships, negotiating power, and subject expertise it takes to develop and deploy high value benefits programs that care for your employees while respecting your bottom line.

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  • More for your benefits dollar
  • More choices
  • Professional benefits administration
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance
  • 1095 Reporting
  • COBRA administration
  • Benefit deductions
  • New-hire compliance monitoring
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Most companies can’t afford the luxury of dedicated benefit administrators; you can with Trion Solutions. Trion takes the effort and expense out of benefits administration. Our benefits team will guide you through the entire process from benefit selection to enrollment and execution. Available to answer employee questions and concerns, creating peace of mind for your staff and your business. Trion handles the time consuming task of benefits deductions, coordinating directly with payroll for timely error-free deductions. Trion will guide your business through the benefits compliance maze including Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance, COBRA administration, 1095 Reporting, and New Hire Compliance monitoring. Trion’s benefits team, keeps your employees happy and your business compliant.

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