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On this page, you’ll find a collection of testimonials from our valued clients, sharing their success stories, feedback, and the positive impact our services have had on their organizations. As a leading PEO, we believe in building strong, long-term partnerships, and these testimonials reflect our commitment to delivering you outstanding results.

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Joe Vicari

President & CEO
Joe Vicari Restaurant Group
I’m Joe Vicari president and CEO of the Joe Vicari restaurant group, which encompasses twenty-four restaurants throughout the country, Trion is able to provide for our employee’s health insurance, 401k’s, vacation time. All that helps us compete against larger companies for top talent. Happy employees make for great service, and that’s what our restaurants are known for. “And that’s why we, rely on Trion. You can always rely on Trion”.

Anthony Tomey

Tomey Group
I’m Anthony Tomey, CEO of Tomey Group. We are one the largest Jimmy John’s franchisees in the country. With fifty Jimmy John’s and over 700 employees, it’s a challenge to manage operations. What could possibly go wrong with owning fifty Jimmy John’s? People don’t show up, equipment fails, run out of bread, no tomatoes, we need onions… many different things can happen. Trion allows us to really focus on the food and the operations of the restaurant. “And that’s why we rely on Trion. You can always rely on Trion”.

Richard Adamo

Owner & President
Adamo Group
I’m Rich Adamo, the owner of Adamo Group. A family-owned business founded in 1964 that performs demolition and environmental remediation work across the United States. The Adamo group has been a proud partner with Trion for over twenty years, because we are a union company and utilize various skill trades we rely on Trion to help us with our HR needs as well as making sure we are compliant with the various state regulations. “And that’s why we, rely on Trion. You can always rely on Trion”.

Jerry Niester

Owner & President
Red-E Parts
My name is Jerry Niester, owner, and president of Read-E Parts. I started the company in 2005 as an automotive supplier, Trion has been an excellent partner through the past fifteen years. Through their support, I was able to provide all the resources that are needed to make my employees comfortable. To be able to receive all the packages, all the benefits, all the requirements that I would have to compete against a large fortune five hundred company. “And that’s why we, rely on Trion. You can always rely on Trion”.

Kamal shouhayib

My name is Kamal Shouhayib, I am the owner of Choice Properties and the Choice Group. And we do business in five states, we started dealing with Trion about ten years ago and they were highly recommended. We like to deal with companies that care about the community that they do business with and we feel Trion does that because we witness the wonderful things that they do for the community on so many levels. “And that’s why we, rely on Trion. You can always rely on Trion”.

Jenny Brown

President & CEO
Dutton Farm
My name is Jenny Brown, I am the CEO of Dutton Farm. We are a nonprofit in the behavioral health system. In the nonprofit sector we are all focused on keeping our cost down while also maintaining the quality of services that we deliver and a great way to do that is to partner with Trion Solutions so they can come along side of you for those HR functions and make sure you are operating with excellence in that area. , and that’s what our restaurants are known for. “And that’s why we, rely on Trion. You can always rely on Trion”.

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