About Trion Solutions, Inc.

Trion Solutions is one of America’s leading providers of value-added human resources services.

welcome to trion solutions, inc

What’s really interesting: How we got here.

Trion’s success has depended on one key ingredient: Doing our job well. We’ve only succeeded because our clients succeed. For more than fifteen years, our leadership team has delivered outstanding results to client companies of all sizes, in virtually all industries. We’ve earned their trust and confidence by being extremely good at what we do – an unmatched level of skill, expertise, efficiency and experience that shows tangible results in the form of challenges met and dollars saved.

Today, Trion is a reliable, stable, growing enterprise: Our organization is the result of leading companies joining forces to build a stronger organization able to better serve our customers. We are a thoroughly licensed, thoroughly audited, thoroughly vetted firm with outstanding credentials and a track record of service excellence.

Trion helps companies across the United States to focus their energies and resources where they matter the most: making and marketing products; driving revenues; building their businesses. When we take on payroll, benefits administration, worker’s compensation and other employee-centered activities, we empower our clients to concentrate on the activities that create success.

Like many other industries, ours has seen its share of consolidation. As many other HR outsourcing companies have fallen by the wayside, Trion has grown from strength to strength, even absorbing some of our competitors. We’ve developed a reputation as the specialist that companies turn to when they want HR done right.

We give them precisely what they’re looking for: Highly developed best practices. Leading-edge technology. Flexible, responsive, client-centered service. Unmatched expertise in each of our practice areas. Best of all: Solutions that work, year in and year out, creating a sound foundation for stable, efficient operations.