Brokers/Agents/Independent Producers: Expand Your Services. Build Your Business.

Why Trion Solutions?

The Trion Solutions Independent Producer program gives you access to a comprehensive suite of value-added services that strengthen your clients’ businesses – and build your bottom line. Your clients benefit from the full range of benefits associated with working with our industry-leading PEO. You enjoy a continuing revenue stream, thanks to our unique residual commission structure. Best of all, by offering cost-effective employment related programs, you’ll further solidify your value to your clients and strengthen your existing relationship.

  • Trion Solutions is one of the PEO industry’s largest, most efficient, most reliable and most successful companies. When you join forces with Trion Solutions as an Independent Producer, you can be confident that you’re adding value to your clients companies as well as to your bottom line.
  • As a Trion Independent Producer, you’ll enjoy:
    • Guaranteed ongoing commissions so long as your client remains enrolled in the program
    • Expert support from a Trion Solutions consultant when implementing new accounts
    • Completely flexible, customizable service packages that enable you to precisely match provided services with client needs
    • Comprehensive support materials and marketing programs designed to drive rapid results
  • If you are interested in leveraging Trion’s suite of employment-related solutions to build your practice and add high value revenue streams, or if you’d like to explore the possibility of becoming part of Trion’s Independent Producer network, please call us at (954) 350.0140, or complete the form below and one of our specialists will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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