Benefits/Health Advantages

Ask any employer of any type or size – from small family-run firms to multinational enterprises – and they’ll probably tell you the same thing: Delivering and administering employee health care and benefit programs is an expensive hassle, and it’s getting worse. While a multinational may be able to afford nearly limitless human and capital resources at benefits challenges, most other companies cannot. The result is mounting frustration for employers and employees alike.

Trion Solutions can help. As seasoned HR and benefits specialists, we have a comprehensive understanding of the health insurance and benefits landscape, and know how to work productively with all major insurers to get the best possible plans at the most advantageous terms. Our size and fiscal strength places our client companies in a position of strength: Trion clients receive the favorable pricing and range of options normally reserved only for major firms.

Here’s how Trion Solutions health and benefits programs work for you:

  • Composite rates

    Composite rating makes health care choices easy and costs predictable.

  • Better Choices

    Our size and negotiating power enables us to work with virtually all major health care providers.

  • Available nationwide

    We’re licensed to operate in every state in the union, and can provide high quality health care coverage in any state you do business.

  • Increased stability and predictability

    Large-group coverage benefits your business by making coverage and costs controllable and predictable.

  • Richer benefit packages

    Innovative 0% deductible/100% coverage solutions, custom-configured plans, and a broad range of benefit choices available.

  • Cost savings

    Institutional strength and health sector expertise enable us to get better benefits at advantageous rates.

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