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The rapidly-changing benefits language has long been a source of confusion and frustration for employers. Continually spiraling costs and changing regulations demand more time and resources to address than ever before – particularly as companies struggle to adapt in the wake of the Affordable Care Act.

Can Trion ensure ACA compliance, as well as compliance with other regulations?

Yes. We remain continually abreast of all changes affecting ACA plans and programs, as well as the considerable reporting, privacy, and tax requirements the law entails. We proactively advise you of any upcoming changes, helping the budgeting and planning process.

Can Trion help accommodate employees with unique circumstances, such as pre-existing or chronic conditions?

Yes. New regulations prevent exclusion of health plan participants based on pre-existing conditions – but that doesn’t always mean that the coverage that’s offered is effective or affordable. Because of its size and corporate strength, Trion can deliver health care options amortize costs associated with high-risk employees or those with special health circumstances while delivering high quality coverage.

How can Trion help my small business cut health care costs?

We provide small-group benefits on a large group scale. Normally, participants are individually rated in groups of 50 or fewer, leading to higher costs, added complexity, and paperwork nightmares. Trion’s plans generally eliminate the individual rating requirement, as your employees are amalgamated into the larger Trion pool. This results in controlled, predictable costs for both employers and employees.

Can Trion provide better health benefits?

For most businesses, an unqualified YES! Our uniquely configured health insurance structure even enables zero-deductible, 100% coverage plans: Specialized gap insurance covers all out of pocket expenses up to the standard annual deductible of $5,000 or more. That puts more money into your employees’ pockets, and encourages proactive health care engagement – leading to a healthier workforce.

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