Don’t Just Rebuild Your HR Practice – Rethink It

A lot of traditional Human Resources departments are having a hard time these days. The standard model of a team of in-house practitioners – or, in the case of smaller companies, a single specialist – is being challenged by mounting demands on all sides. Companies insist on greater efficiency and accountability; employees look for expanded […]

The “Full Employment” Paradox: Employee Retention Becomes A Bigger Problem for SMEs


According to current economic statistics, the United States is finally edging back towards that elusive condition known as “full employment” – that is, a sustainable unemployment rate of 4% or lower. Job numbers are increasing, the economy is fundamentally stable and sound. As counterintuitive as it may seem, these conditions actually pose significant hazards to […]

What’s a PEO – and Who Needs to Know?

In the world of business, some changes get all the attention. A new law, a new technology, a fundamental change in the economy or in the marketplace will quickly command the attention of boardrooms and the business press alike – and understandably so. The ripple effects of such changes usually create significant effects that are […]