Employee Outsourcing: Common Questions

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Unfamiliar with how employee outsourcing works? Trion Solutions has the answers you need to decide whether co-employment and outsourcing solutions are right for you. If you don’t find your answer here, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Will I lose control over my work force?

No. Trion Solutions makes sure that you’re the boss. We work on your behalf – but you’re always in charge. You always have the power to make day-to-day or long-term decisions involving your employees – hiring and firing, task assignment, promotions and demotions – just as you always have. The big difference: You don’t have to do it alone. Trion Solutions professionals are always available to provide advice and assistance, if you so desire.

Doesn’t outsourcing cost more?

No. Of course, outsourcing is a fee-based service – but our company’s success and the success of our clients is based on our ability to improve efficiency, reduce administrative costs, eliminate redundancies, negotiate effectively for services, and mitigate risk; in virtually all cases, the fees you pay are more than offset by savings achieved elsewhere. In addition, your key management personnel are freed of routine HR tasks, enabling them to focus on business development, revenue generation, and other activities that improve profitability.

Is Trion outsourcing disruptive?

No. We’re experts at the planning, implementation, and day-to-day administration of all of the functions we perform. We’ve systematized the onboarding process to ensure that the transition from your old HR practice to Trion administration is smooth, seamless, and effectively transparent for your company, your senior staff, and your employees alike.

How quickly can we transition to an outsourced solution?

Every company is different, and many variables will affect the implementation time frame. However, Trion’s sophisticated implementation system and extensive experience with companies of all types and sizes ensure that your outsourcing solution will be up and running in a minimum of time – usually in only two weeks, but sometimes even less.

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