Trion Solutions Announces Special Agreement With Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan to Deliver Affordable Health Coverage to SMEs

TROY, Mich., July 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —  Trion Solutions, one of America’s leading providers of value-added human resource services, announces that it has entered into an agreement with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan that will enable the company to offer premium-grade health coverage to new and existing clients at advantageous large group rates. The arrangement will enable companies of all sizes to access BCBSM products with composite ratings rather than complex, cost-intensive member level ratings, streamlining both onboarding and administration processes while containing costs.

BCBSM wanted to ensure that only a top quality PEO was entrusted to work with their Broker-Agent base. As a result, Trion underwent a year-long vetting process by BCBSM prior to the agreement, surpassing their expectations. The new relationship will create valuable opportunities for brokers, BCBSM, and Michigan businesses, with Trion assisting brokers in providing premier-quality coverage through BCBSM to group clients, as well as outstanding human resource and payroll services.

The deal confers several immediate, considerable benefits to small and medium-sized employers:

  • Composite rating capability means that employers who don’t qualify for large group status do not need to undertake the cumbersome, costly member-level rating process. Instead, composite ratings ensure that simplified single/couple/family rates will apply, much as they did prior to the Affordable Care Act.
  • Trion’s aggregate purchasing power enables the company to offer BCBSM coverage at substantially lower rates than small to medium sized companies can negotiate on their own. Clients benefit from Trion’s purchasing power, representing over 25,000 worksite employees.
  • The direct relationship between Trion and BCBSM will result in improved servicing through dedicated, specialized staff capable of offering 24-hour turnaround on claims-related issues.

Large group clients stand to benefit also. The agreement provides access to “MVP” plans, key to maintaining Affordable Care Act compliance. A dedicated ACA compliance team will work directly with clients to ensure that rates do not increase.

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