Trion Solutions Announces Special Agreement With PNC Bank N.A. to Support Rapid Growth, Expanded Financial Capabilities

TROY, Mich., Aug. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — On Monday, August 29, 2016, Trion Solutions, a leading national provider of value-added human resource services, has announced a new agreement with PNC Bank N.A. to provide the firm with an expanded range of financial services and resources. This agreement will support Trion’s ongoing rapid growth, enable the company to bolster its already-strong financial footing, and support expanded services to Trion clients.

The arrangement will result in a broadened range of premier-grade financial services options being made available to client companies. Trion’s Chief Financial Officer, Andrew Kirk, sees this as a significant advantage to clients as well as a competitive benefit to Trion itself. “Businesses can’t afford anything less than the most flexible, stable, and supportive financial services in this competitive climate, and our clients are no exception to this,” he says. “Working with a world-class institution such as PNC helps ensure that we can provide the broadest possible spectrum of options to our clients, all backed by the institutional strength of a truly outstanding firm.

“PNC’s ACH, wire transfer capabilities, and customer services have all been rated at A+, and that’s exactly the level of quality that we insist on offering our clients.”

The relationship with PNC also provides Trion with an expanded line of credit, significant ACH capacity, and investment banking consultation.

“Like Trion, PNC has a demonstrated commitment to innovation and excellence in both the technology it uses and the services it provides,” Kirk says. “Our shared dedication to the quality and integrity of the services we provide can only result in optimal experiences for the businesses we serve.”

Trion and PNC have developed an aggressive plan to effectuate the new banking relationship, and have stated their commitment to ensuring that the transition is seamless and transparent to clients.

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