Trion Solutions Renews AmTrust Underwriters Workers’ Compensation Policies For 2016

TROY, Mich., March 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Troy-based professional employer organization and human resources services firm Trion Solutions, Inc. has renewed its workers’ compensation coverage with AmTrust Underwriters, Inc. ( for the third successive year. According to a Trion spokesman, the sustained long-term relationship indicates an unusual degree of stability in an industry known for frequent insurance carrier changes.

The Connecticut -based AmTrust Underwriters provides coverage across North America through its insurance company affiliates.

Trion Solutions provides customized HR, benefits, payroll, workers’ compensation, tax and compliance solutions and other value-added human resource services to companies throughout the United States. The company serves primarily small to medium-sized businesses across a broad range of industries.

“We are very pleased that our productive relationship with AmTrust will continue,” states Trion Solutions President David Stone.  “Over the past few years, this relationship has provided a high degree of predictability and stability to our clients, and has helped to contain their workers’ compensation insurance costs. It is a testament both to our company’s strength and to the integrity of our relationship with AmTrust that we are able to continue working together, even as so many of our competitors are being forced to change carriers once again. We place great importance in providing outstanding stability and value for our clients. Continuing to work with AmTrust Underwriters helps us to do exactly that.

“Worker’s compensation insurance is a big expense and a big concern for businesses. Our ability to deliver dependable, cost-effective coverage through this relationship lets us take away a lot of that worry.”

Trion considers its ability to provide premier-grade workers’ compensation coverage as one of the key services it can offer its clients. “Good workers comp coverage is a pivotal element in any company’s human resources practice,” Stone says. “The feedback we get from our clients tells us that the high costs and considerable risk associated with workers’ compensation issues have a significant impact on how they do business—particularly when they’re not managed effectively. It’s relationships like the one we have with AmTrust Underwriters that let us be such an effective partner in building our clients’ business success.”

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