Why partner with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

There are many good reasons exist to work with a Professional Employer Organization.  Some businesses have specific needs or issues that can be solved through a PEO relationship — such as Workers’ Compensation, Regulatory Compliance or Benefits offerings.  Other businesses just don’t have the time or expertise to handle the complex HR issues being faced.

We have compiled a list of key reasons why businesses partner with a PEO, and how they benefit from a PEO relationship:

Professional Employer Organizations relieve the stress and burden of HR administration.

As businesses grow, so do the frequency and complexity of non-revenue HR issues that are draining on time and hurt the bottom line.  A PEO can handle the time-intensive and repetitive HR tasks that distract focus from the core competency of a business.  Knowing that your HR issues are handled timely and correctly is a great relief for both business owners and their employees.

A PEO’s service-and-technology infrastructure creates efficiencies and streamlines HR tasks.

A reputable PEO will have a long-established and up-to-date service model executed by experienced staff.  As a PEO client, you can leverage a PEO’s service and technology infrastructure, creating efficiencies and improving the employment experience for your employees.  A PEO’s staff includes experienced payroll professionals, ensuring your staff will be paid accurately and on time.  And experienced HR staff members are ready to handle any issues that arise as businesses grow and challenges arise.  With a PEO your business will be ready to handle any and all HR issues, effectively and efficiently.

PEO’s share employer risk, reducing your exposure and creating stability for your organization.

Many clients turn to a PEO for relief from employer risk and burden.  The effect of a single claim can send premiums skyrocketing for products such as workers’ compensation and health benefits.  Fines and penalties for non-compliance also create exposure from the ever-growing list of regulatory agencies.  These unforeseen expenses can create financial stress for a business along with uncertainty in the future.  The PEO relationship truly is a partnership, with both the client and the PEO sharing HR responsibilities and employment risk.  As a PEO client, you have an advocate and teammate working in your best interests to resolve issues.

A PEO’s size provides clients better benefits and HR services available typically to only much-larger corporations.

One challenge employers with less than 500 employees face is referred to as “the cost- of-compliance disadvantage.”  Large employers with more than 500 employees pay a significantly lower cost per employee for benefits, along with HR tasks and maintaining regulatory compliance.  A PEO closes this gap for employers with fewer than 500 employees, allowing them to competitively offer HR services and benefits offerings that would typically be cost-effective only for large employers.  PEOs also help with items such as employee handbooks, dispute resolution and best practices to ensure clients are aware of and meet regulatory requirements.

PEOs value their clients as partners and offer scalable solutions to grow with your business.

As your business grows, so will your HR needs.  The top talent you look to add and retain will expect more each year in the hyper-competitive employment marketplace.  Selecting a Professional Employer Organization with the capacity to grow with your organization is key to continued growth.  A seasoned PEO will stay ahead of the curve with employee expectations, keeping your employees happy and on task.

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