Workers’ Compensation


Workers’ Compensation is something companies usually don’t think too much about – until it’s too late. Often, companies simply pay their required Workers’ Comp insurance premiums without a second thought. But when a catastrophic injury strikes, workers’ compensation issues suddenly become critical. A single serious injury can result in premiums skyrocketing by 200-300% – or a company may find it cannot get coverage at all.

Trion works aggressively to protect your company in each aspect of workers’ compensation:

  • Our institutional strength and strong relationships with premier workers’ comp insurance providers ensure the best possible rates.
  • Our extensive knowledge of workers’ comp law ensures that all key dates and deadlines are appropriately addressed throughout the course of a claim.
  • Our aggressive return-to-work policies ensure that employees are back at work as soon as possible, minimizing the cost of claims.
  • Our extensive network of medical professionals ensures that conditions/injuries are correctly diagnosed, treated, and documented.
  • Questionable claims are thoroughly investigated.
  • Fraudulent claims are contested and prosecuted.
  • Our web-enabled claims management tool ensures that regular updates are provided.
  • Employees capable of restricted return-to-work can be placed in sedentary jobs with other firms, limiting claim expense.

Complete Workers’ Comp Protection

As our client, you can rest assured knowing that every aspect of your workers’ comp program has been adequately addressed by seasoned specialists. Trion workers’ comp administration programs feature:

  • First dollar coverage
  • Deductible and retrospective plans
  • Reduced and no premium deposit programs
  • No year end audit programs
  • Loss control programs
  • Claims handling
  • Return to work programs
  • OSHA log management
  • Onsite safety training (including carpal tunnel, confined space, lock out tag out, fork lift and many others)
  • Mandatory Postings
  • Incentive programs
  • Great physicians network

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