Employee Outsourcing Advantages

Your employees are the engine that drives your company – but HR administration costs money, involves incredible risk, and ultimately subtracts from both your efficiency and your bottom line. That’s where Trion Solutions employee outsourcing can help.

How does it work? Simple: We become the employer of record, but you remain the boss. Your employees continue to work for you and follow your direction just as they always have – but Trion Solution assumes the day-to-day drudgery, litigation risk, reporting responsibilities, and compliance responsibilities associated with managing your staff. Our vast team of specialized HR, benefits, and workers’ comp experts go to work for you, making sure that all of your HR functions are seamlessly handled – and handled right.

Here are some ways Trion Solutions employee outsourcing works for you:

  • Reduced Costs

    Improved efficiency, lower administrative costs, lower insurance and worker’s comp costs result in substantial savings.

  • Outstanding Benefits Solutions

    Trion Solutions’ size enables us to access benefit-rich, cost-effective health care and other benefits solutions.

  • Complete Regulatory Compliance

    Licensed and qualified in all 50 states, Trion professionals insure 100% regulatory and reporting compliance with state, federal and local statutes.

  • Mitigated Risk

    Amortized worker’s comp risk across Trion’s massive labor force results in lower insurance costs.

  • Minimized Reporting

    Trion handles routine reporting relative to local, state, and federal statutes such as ADA, FMLA, EEOC, DOC, COBRA and Title VII.

  • Tax Compliance

    Prompt, thorough administration and payment of all federal, state, and local taxes, as well as management of all required forms and reports.

  • Seamless Payroll

    Streamlined, flexible, and efficient payroll system eliminates payroll problems.

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